Release Notes 1.19.0



  • OML-1256: New scripts are added for Rebrand Addon
  • OML-2031: CSV Exportation Available for Daily Agents Report
  • OML-2033: New design and products added for Market Place
  • OML-2035: Reporting Pro: new help comments added for disconnection/completion events
  • OML-2051: Now it is possible for agents to reset password from its own console.
  • OML-2052: Improvements on Pagination procedure
  • OML-2054: Deleted/Inactive Agents are now included in Statistics and Reports.
  • OML-2055: «Force Disposition» in Group Permission now adds the chance to also force form filling.
  • OML-2062: Improvements in the way Django controlls POST parameters limit.
  • OML-2064: New database indexes added for improving Reporting/Recycling actions.
  • OML-2067: New common/normalized headers added to CSV Exportation on Campaign Reports
  • OML-2069: Improvements on Add-Agents Wizard Views and new lookup filters are added
  • OML-2072: Now it is possible to call Agendas for Completed/Paused Campaigns.
  • OML-2073: Improvements on Recording Module View.
  • OML-2076: Improvements added on Task Cron Unavailable_agents
  • OML-2077: Improvements added on Task Cron Actualizar_reportes_llamadas_salientes
  • OML-2078: Improvements added on Task Cron Actualizar_reportes_supervisores.


  • OML-1299: Reporting Pro: Fixing call logs without agent_id.
  • OML-412: Fix for Warnings in Django logs related to time formatting.
  • OML-2053: Cosmetic Fix for Pause Labels on Agent Dashboard.
  • OML-2061: Removing «channels» column in Inbound Campaign List.
  • OML-2065: Fix for parsing errors in Supervision.js
  • OML-2074: Fix for failed events in Disposition Report.