OMniLeads is a Web Application for Contact Centers based on the free software license GPLV3.

This App allows you to implement and manage both incoming and outgoing Contact Center operations and in Blended mode. The App provides metrics, reports and indicators, real-time supervision of agents, audit modules for backoffice and other advanced QA functionalities, contact and campaign management.

The fact of being 100% WebRTC makes it ideal for setting up operations with agents in home-office mode due to the efficiency and cryptographic security that WebRTC technology implies in its default operation when maintaining voice and / or video sessions through from Internet.

The different user profiles; OMniLeads are accessed by agents, supervisors , administrators or clients from any modern web browser. As it does not require the use of desktop applications Softphones, it is not necessary to carry out the typical configurations on the workstations of the contact center agents, just by accessing the HTTPS web URL where the App resides, agents and supervisors can be online managing communications with clients. This facility implies a great advantage when it comes to providing Cloud CCaaS services (Contact Center as a Service).

OMniLeads can adapt to a company or organization that needs to set up its own Contact Center integrated to its PBX, as well as scale towards companies that provide Customer Contact services (Business Outsourcing Process) either in on-premise environments as well as in deployments in Cloud.


How do i get it?

The repository is available in GitLab, for free download, installation, modification and use of the Software.

How do I install it ?

The section OMniLeads deploy talk about this, exposing the steps needed to install the software.

How do I get training?

This documentation covers all aspects of the product. From technical questions inherent to the IT administrator, to functional aspects oriented to agents, supervisors or contact center leaders.


OMniLeads through web configuration, ease the posibility of maintain SIP trunks to access the PSTN. This trunks are invoked by the routing rules of outbound calls, where it can be specified which tye of calls are processed by each SIP trunk. Also, the trunks can be configured in failover mode

To go deeper it’s recommended to read the rest of the chapter.


The processing of communications between the “outher world” and an OMniLeads’s agent is encapsulated in a campaign. In this chapter all about the management of Inbound and Outbound (manual, preview and dialer) campaigns is covered.


Inside this chapter, all about the metrics, statistics, reports, recordings and real time supervision, etc.


Every time an agent generates an engange with a contact, there is the possibility of auditing it from the backoffice module.


In this chapter is covered all the actions that an OMniLeads agent can do inside an operation. Refering to receive/make of calls, dispositions, scheduling, call transfers, and much more.

Integration with PBX

Making a few configurations you can stablish a complete integration between OMniLeads and any PBX. In this section you can see examples of the configuration necessary to integrate the PBX and OMniLeads Contact Center that live together in same host.


In this chapter is covered some tasks made from the IT administrator of OMniLeads. Refering to: configuration of the dialer plattform, upgrade of software management, backup & restore and network parameters change.


OMniLeads allows integration with Web CRM systems, allowing to configure the software to send notifications and requests from OMniLeads to the CRM system and vice vers through the system API.